Royal First Aid Bag



A first aid kit is one of the most important items that can save even your life in a crisis. In various accidents, it always takes a short time for the medical team and emergency personnel to arrive at the scene, while seconds can affect the lives and deaths of people. To use these golden seconds, the only thing that can really help you is a first aid kit that helps you manage the accident with the necessary tools and equipment.

Having a first aid kit with you can play a vital role in rescuing medical personnel, both in traffic accidents and in accidents that may occur at home. But what should a first aid kit look like?

The first and most important thing is availability. It is suggested that in addition to the house, a first aid kit be kept in the trunk of the car.
The second case is to have the minimum treatment. You are not going to do a hospital job with a first aid kit, just help the injured person with the necessary tools until the doctor and medical staff arrive. Believe me, all seemingly simple items in a first aid kit can be a lifesaver when needed.
The third thing, which is not insignificant, is its portability. Most first aid kits are fixed and attached to the wall or stored in a fixed place; But first aid kits are easily removable and can be transported quickly to the scene.

The Royal First Aid Bag, measuring 29 x 25 cm, has a tarpaulin cover that is well resistant to water penetration. There is also an outer pocket next to the main compartment that can be used to add important medicines or supplies that you may specifically need. On the body of the bag, a sharpened strip is used so that it can be easily recognized even in the dark.




21 devices that are embedded in the Royal first aid kit as a complete set of medical devices:

Eye Pad – Adhes

ive – Scissors – Ring Adhesive – Flashlight – Life Blanket – Finger Splint – Ready Dressing – Screwdriver – Fixed Surge – Triangle Napkin – Vaseline – Mask – Sterile Gas – Bandage – Long Texture – Cotton – Lock pin – alcohol pad – gloves – whistle


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