Neoprene four-spring medical knee brace


Neoprene four-spring medical knee brace

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The knee joint is the largest joint in the body, including the tibiafemoral, patellar, and tibiafibular joints. There are two menisci between the end of the femur and the tibia. The main function of these two menisci is to absorb the pressure caused by impact and increase the stability of the knee against weight pressure. To this end, several ligaments also help stabilize the knee joint, preventing excessive movement of the knee joint. Among the stabilizing ligaments to the knee joint are: anterior cruciate ligament, posterior ligament, internal and external lateral ligaments.

The knee joint is one of the most resilient joints in the body due to its multifaceted structural protections. It builds your strength and stature, however, this joint is under a lot of pressure during professional and even everyday activities. It can cause injuries, and as you gain weight or age, you are more likely to have such injuries.

The four-spring medical knee brace strengthens the knee joint by creating movement stability and providing physical support for knee movements. This knee brace, in addition to the support springs that it has in its inner and lateral parts, is made of neoprene fibers and is completely in contact with the anti-allergic skin. It also helps reduce pain and inflammation in this area by creating controlled pressure around the knee and creating adequate heat in the knee.


It can be used to prevent recurrence of some injuries related to ligaments, muscles and tendons.
The ring cushion around the patella, in addition to protecting the bone from impact, also prevents the patella from moving by supporting and holding it in its anatomical position.
Knee support and support by four flexible spring straps inside and outside the knee is a special feature of this knee brace. This provides excellent support for the knee joint.
The presence of two strong metal straps and hooks at the top and bottom allows the knee brace to be fully adjusted to fit the foot so that it is completely fixed in place during daily activities.
Can be used in knee joint instability and meniscus injuries.
It is prescribed for the treatment of ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL injuries.
Osteochondral and cartilaginous defects
Stretching and twisting of parallel ligaments
It is used to treat patellar tendons and similar injuries.


A few important points
Neoprene quadruple knee brace should be used according to the doctor’s prescription.
Do not use this device if the local temperature of the knee is prohibited for you by your doctor.
Avoid placing the neoprene quadruple knee brace against heat.
Use cold water when washing, do not grab and iron or use a dryer.


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