Novita digital thermometer model NUV-2087



One of the most important things that parents should pay attention to is measuring their child’s body temperature. Body temperature can be a sign of health or the first sign of a disease that can never be accurately diagnosed by methods such as the back of the hand; Because sometimes the parents’ body temperature may not be standard under various conditions. Therefore, we suggest you to use thermometers.

The NUVITA NUV-2087 dual-function thermometer is an accurate, high-quality thermometer that can measure a person’s body temperature in less than 3 seconds. NUVITA 2087 has two temperature measurement systems:

Through the forehead, which is done with a special forehead head.
Through the ear, which is measured by a flexible head inside the ear.

The NUVITA thermometer has a flexible and soft head that does not bother children when used. In addition to children, this thermometer is suitable for all ages and all family members, and with its high accuracy, it can be with you in maintaining the health of the family.

The NUV-2087 thermometer has an LED indicator at the bottom that turns red when there is a fever and also turns blue when the probe head needs cleaning. This digital thermometer also has internal storage memory and is able to remember up to 9 measured items with date and time specifications. It also has a backlit display that allows it to be used at night and in the outdoor space.

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